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  • NYT Punked. Again.

    Last April Fools Day the New York Times got punked by New York blawger Eric Turkewitz, who announced that he was going to become the official White House law blogger. You’d think they would have learned, non? Nooo. With the help, as I understand it, of a vulnerability in its iPad app, The Gray Lady […]

  • Blawg Review #284

    In recognition of the 40th anniversary of her October 4, 1970 death, this edition of Blawg Review is dedicated to Texas*-born blues wailer Janis Joplin. If freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose, where in America would we look for free people?

  • Warning: This is Not the Happysphere

    If you are a blogging lawyer, and you want to be read by other bloggers, know that being read by other bloggers includes being taken to task publicly when you write something dumb or silly or ill-considered or even just vapid. If you don't want to be read by other bloggers, if you are blogging […]

  • The New Kids on the Blawck

    One of the highlights of the year, in my itinerant childhood overseas, was the end of summer, when the new kids arrived—in high school at AES in New Delhi, maybe 20% of the 150 students were new each year. It was an exciting time, full of possibility for new friends, and it never disappointed. I […]

  • Two New Blogs

    Two blogs recently added to the blogroll: Liberty and Justice for Y’all—Texas criminal law mostly-anonymous (except for front man B.W. Barnett) group blog. They are writing for a Texas-criminal-law-savvy audience so far, but they’re just getting warmed up. Trial Theory—Trial practice group blog. TLC grads Bobby Frederick (of the South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog), Paul […]

  • Tried to Comment on Texas Lawyer Blog

    I tried to leave a comment on Texas Lawyer magazine’s Tex Parte Blog. I got this in my email from the Managing Editor of Texas Lawyer: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on Texas Lawyer‘s blog. To publish it, I need your written permission, full name and city, all of which will […]

  • Google Blog Bundle

    42 criminal defense blogs.

  • Two Things to Read Today

    When I met Norm Pattis in Wyoming in ’99, I knew: here is another lawyer smarter than me. If you’re a criminal-defense lawyer, or if you want to be a criminal-defense lawyer, read Norm’s terrific Another Year in the Trenches. Jeff Gamso’s is, hands down, the best new criminal law blog of 2009. After you […]

  • The First Annual Bloggers’ Best Awards

    If you have a blog and agree that blog popularity contest are jokes, please join me at Social Media Tyro in choosing the best law blogs of 2009, and spread the word. Thank you.

  • New Blog on the Blogroll

    Law and Baseball, by criminal-defense lawyer Johnny Gardner, from Bobby Frederick’s stomping grounds of Horry County, South Carolina.