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  • On Behalf of Matt Brown, You’re Welcome.

    David DeCosta was set up, to begin with: set up by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Phoenix Police Department, and almost certainly factually innocent. Phoenix criminal-defense lawyer Matt Brown didn’t know that at first, but he found the story of DeCosta’s arrest for allegedly trying to sneak drugs to Jesse Alejandro interesting enough […]

  • Stuff I Don’t Want to Miss Mentioning

    Scott Greenfield makes the world a little safer for blawgers (via Houston criminal-defense lawyer Paul Kennedy). RIP John O’Quinn. A great lawyer and, like many great lawyers, not without personal demons (Rick O’Casey, Houston Chronicle). Memo from Pat Lykos to Harris County prosecutors: if you violate Batson you’re “incompetent;” if you violate Brady it’s the […]

  • I’m Not Sure What to Think About . . .

    . . . Houston criminal-defense lawyer Cole Brooks’s new blog. I’m glad to see another Houston criminal-defense lawyer jump into the practical blawgosphere (even if he isn’t a member of HCCLA . . . hint, hint), and Cole’s blog isn’t blatant “I’m great! hire me!” marketing, but so far it’s heavy on explications of Texas […]

  • The Jew With a Gun Next Door

    A couple of years ago (!) I wrote about mapping the blogosphere as a metaphorical space, with proximity measured by commonality of interest as represented by mutual links. Today New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield has a nice profile today of one of our virtual neighbors, Minneapolis renaissance man Joel “Jdog” Rosenberg. Not a lawyer, […]

  • Blatant Shoutout to Three New Blogs

    Mike at Crime and Federalism wrote back in July about How the Legal Blogosphere Has Changed: The modern legal blogosphere sucks because it’s been overrun by legal marketers, and because people who might be able to engage in actually-interesting conversations are too busy sucking up to their e-friends and e-colleagues. Mike’s been doing this a […]

  • To the New Blogger Asking for a Reciprocal Link

    Thank you for your email complimenting my blog. You are free to link to it, and to quote me with attribution (including, I hope, a link). There are no quid pro quos here, though. I’ll link to your blog if I think it’s worth reading, but I’m not going to link to you just because […]

  • A Man Among Prosecutorial Bloggers

    Anonymous Harris County prosecutor / blogger “Arthur Seaton” at Saturday Night and Monday Morning? Wuss. The anonymous Harris County prosecutor / blogger at Life After Esq.? Wuss. Harris County prosecutor Jeremy Gordon, blogging under his own name at The Minority Report? Definitely not a wuss. The first two cratered their blogs in the last week—because […]

  • New Additions to the Blogroll

    Check these out, and tell me what you think: Gamso – For the DefenseOhio Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeff Gamso. What About Paris?Dan Hull’s What About {Clients / Paris} Crime & FederalismMike Cernovich: “So long as everyone agrees to believe the lie, then the lie will remain the truth.” Cognitive DailyA new cognitive psychology article every […]

  • Cop Blogs

    I’ve added a section to the blogroll for cops’ blogs. You wouldn’t guess it from reading offense reports, but some of these guys can write. If you got stopped….you deserved itA motorcycle cop. Officer “Smith”: Thoughts From Behind the BadgeA California cop. The LawDog FilesA Texas cop, but not an enemy of the Fourth Amendment. […]

  • TLC Alumni Blogs

    When I made my list yesterday of Trial Lawyers College alumni blogs: Eric J. Davis Paul Smith Jon Katz David Tarrell Chuck Peterson Remy Orozco Ed Stapleton I left off Collin County, Texas criminal-defense lawyer Tony Vitz, who recently started blogging, and Connecticut trial lawyer Norm Pattis, who has been blogging on and off forever, […]