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  • New Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    Houston criminal defense / civil rights lawyer Eric J. Davis has a new blog, Sustained!. Eric is an outstanding lawyer and a good friend. (He’s also a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, as are Paul Smith, Jon Katz, David Tarrell, Chuck Peterson, Remy Orozco, Ed Stapleton, and someone else I’m unfortunately forgetting at the […]

  • Blog for Profit. Please.

    You’re going to the law bookstore looking for some interesting reads. You browse the spines of the books, pick one, and pull it down off the shelf. It’s three hundred pages; every page ends with a call to action — “if you’ve been injured, call me.” Skimming the text, you notice that the words “truck […]

  • Blawg Review #199

    This Week, in 2009 and in History February 9th was the 100th anniversary of the federal “war on drugs”, writes WindyPundit in 100 Years of FAIL. This week South Carolina cops did their part to expose the WOD for a pathetic farce. Radley Balkoff (The Agitator) writes in The Michael Phelps Witch Hunt Gets Surreal: […]

  • Several Recent Additions to the Blogroll

    Courtoons, daily legal cartoons: Atomic Nerds, “Two people, one gigantic government laboratory, and one hell of a lot of opinions.” Among other things, jacking with marketers and ranting about stupid government tricks. Feisty Geek, “issues related to technology and the law, as well as opinion onpolitics, society, community building, music, culture, and theunderside of capitalism.” […]

  • Blawg Reviews 198 and 199

    East Central Illinois criminal-defense lawyer Jeremy Richey hosts Blawg Review 198, on the theme of “The Seven Deadly Sins.” I will be hosting next week’s Blawg Review. What’s Blawg Review? Blawg Review is the blog carnival for everyone interested in law. A peer-reviewed blog carnival, the host of each Blawg Review decides which of the […]

  • Maybe He Meant it as Praise?

    I’ve learned that Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley, in a continuing legal education program (I’m not giving the State Bar of Texas $90 even to rip a copy of the video for this post), attacked the motives of all criminal defense blawgers, who in his view are “only out to make a name for […]

  • I Demand a Recount

    In balloting that would embarrass Kim Jong-Il, the ABA Journal has deprived Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice of its rightful award for Top Crime Blawg. If you’ve followed a link from the ABA Journal to here, please check out the “Defenders” and “Prosecutors” sections of my blogroll for many blogs that are better than mine.

  • RIP

    The following blogs on my blogroll bit the dust in 2008: Bad Court Thingy Curia Advisari Vult da blog HCSO Blog Norm Pattis’s blog They made my blogroll because they had something interesting to say, or an interesting way to say something. I miss them.

  • Car Keyers and the Importance of Having Gideon

    On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. . . . . . or a maladjusted government-loving fear-slave. Or simply a lousy lawyer. The internet is mostly terrible that way. Anonymous people say things that they would never say for attribution; even using their names, people make claims about themselves among strangers that would be […]

  • Vote for Simple Justice

    C’mon people, this is a travesty. Scott Greenfield’s outstanding Simple Justice blog is 38 votes out of the lead in the ABA Journal’s balloting for top criminal law blog. Go read Simple Justice. It is hands-down the best criminal blog in the practical blawgosphere. I know that Scott has been encouraging his many readers to […]