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  • Partisan and Interested Magistrates?

    In regard to the search of a place, the United States Supreme Court has consistently favored the issuance of a warrant by a neutral and detached judicial officer as a more reliable safeguard against improper searches. See Lo-Ji Sales, Inc. v. New York, 442 U.S. 319, 326, 99 S.Ct. 2319, 2324, 60 L.Ed.2d 920 (1979). […]

  • DUI No-Refusal Weekend

    Harris County prosecutor Warren Diepraam (mentioned before here and talking about “honoring the dead” here) writes in the TDCAA forums: Harris County is doing a July 4th No Refusal Program and hopefully joining some area counties for a multi-jurisdictional effort. Ours will be for all agencies in Harris County with one prosecutor stationed in the […]

  • Three Stupid State Tricks

    Williamson County’s John Bradley says, “The government has already decided, as a matter of law, that [marijuana] is not available for such a [medical] purpose. No defense permitted.” (H/T Robert Guest, via Grits.) Oops, sorry, John! DPS Troopers are shopping for Denton, Dallas, and Tarrant County judges to “go to for blood warrants.” Not to […]