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  • How to Choose a (Cheaper) Criminal Defense Lawyer

    In response to my post on how to choose a criminal-defense lawyer, a couple of people asked for a similar guide for the clients who can’t afford to hire the kind of lawyer I would hire if I were in trouble. For example, “What I wish you had written is how to select a lawyer […]

  • How to Choose a Criminal-Defense Lawyer

    I’ve been asked to write about how to choose a criminal-defense lawyer. Disclaimer: What I write here, I write not with the intention of making myself more presentable to clients, but only of telling the truth, revealing a bit of myself, and maybe entertaining or educating. Some of my posts have probably scared off potential […]

  • Small-Town Client Myth

    Greeley, Colorado lawyer Todd Taylor asks, Are Money & Social Media Ruining the Legal Profession?, a bit of a paean to “small-town” practice:

  • Lawyers Who Never Lose

    Scott and Norm and Gideon and Stephen have been having a discussion, started by Norm, about lawyers “keeping score” — keeping track of (and, incidentally, boasting about) their won/lost records. Norm points out that a jury trial really isn’t a sporting event, and the playing field isn’t level. I can’t promise any client that a […]

  • Badvertising

    New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Scott Greenfield writes about lawyer advertising: Before I finally succumbed to creating my own website, I googled to see what others had done. It was, to be kind, shocking. The first half dozen lawyer websites I stumbled across were worse than patently offensive; they were flagrantly false and deceptive. It […]

  • How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Today Avvo has a post today entitled Lost. Avvo categorizes the post as “How to Choose a Lawyer,” but it’s really about Avvo’s research into people’s experiences hiring lawyers. Among other things, Avvo asserts that Over the past two years, 25 million Americans were faced with a situation in which they considered hiring an attorney, […]