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  • I Would Bet That It Has

    In Broward County, Florida, the judge has kicked the whole DA’s office off a murder case because two prosecutors had listened to two phone calls between the jailed accused and his lawyer. (H/T Social Services for Feral Children.) The trial started in September; it’s “on hold” now (not even a mistrial?). In her order, the […]

  • Rosenthal in Contempt

    Judge Kenneth Hoyt today held Chuck Rosenthal and his lawyer, Harris County District Attorney’s Office General Counsel Scott Durfee, in civil contempt, ordering Rosenthal to pay $18,900 in “attorneys’ fee sanctions” and making Durfee jointly and severally liable for $5,000 of that. Here’s the order. Here’s the motion. I think the motion could have supported […]

  • Todd, Pat and Me on the TeeVee

    (Pay no attention to the goofy-looking static frame. Google picks this automatically to make the uploader look as ridiculous as possible.)

  • It’s Tuesday, and Pat Lykos is Still Lame

    On the heels of Kelly Siegler’s realization that it was time for Chuck Rosenthal to resign (which itself followed only a month after Jim Leitner’s call for Chuck to resign), DA candidate Pat Lykos has discovered that it’s time for a change at the DA’s office. Now, if you’re running on Kelly’s “let the entrenched […]

  • Chuck is Going . . . Going . . .

    I asked here, “Is the fix in? Did Kelly get word that Chuck’s resignation is in the cards?” It appears that, indeed, the fix is in. Reports indicate that Chuck Rosenthal’s chief investigator (and right-hand man) John Ray Harrison was packing up Chuck’s office on Friday. Business as usual, then, at the Harris County DA’s […]

  • Morons.

    Kelly Siegler, playing catch-up to Jim Leitner, has called for her boss’s, Chuck Rosenthal’s resignation. Better a month late than never, I always say. But Jim and Kelly are not the subjects of this post. The subjects of this post, referenced in the title, are DA candidates Doug Perry and Pat Lykos, who “said they […]

  • A Lesson in Federal Contempt

    Here is a thought-provoking little piece on Tom Kirkendall’s Houston’s Clear Thinkers blog about whether Chuck Rosenthal is in fact facing jail time for contempt in Judge Hoyt’s court. The contempt proceeding is for indirect criminal contempt. It’s “indirect” because Chuck didn’t commit contempt right in front of Judge Hoyt, and it’s “criminal” because the […]

  • Chuck’s Very Bad Day?

    This came after I shut my laptop because of low battery power: Judge Hoyt: Aren’t there rules about preservation of documents at the state level? Chuck Rosenthal: Yes. Hoyt: In fact it can be a crime. It’s called obstruction of justice at the federal level. What do you call it at the state level? Rosenthal: […]

  • Chuck’s on the Stand . . .

    . . . being questioned by Judge Hoyt, and he just played the good ol’ “no independent recollection” card: I have no independent recollection of having read anything that Mr. Kelly filed.

  • KTRK Interview re Chuck Rosenthal

    Our local ABC affiliate, KTRK, interviewed me about the Chuck Rosenthal contempt hearing (which may still be going on right now; I had hoped to live-blog it, but the needs of actual clients intervened). This morning a prosecutor came up to me in the courthouse and actually thanked me for not bashing the Office. Here’s […]