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  • Corporate Bully Nordstrom Speaks With Forked Tongue

    Well, Blake Nordstrom hasn’t yet responded to my letter of the 11th, but, as Marc Randazza notes, his company’s VP of Corporate Communications, Brooke White,  sent an email to InformationWeek’s Global CIO Weblog, which broke the story of Nordstrom bullying a small company over a trademark, “Beckons,” that the small company clearly had a right […]

  • Look on the Bright Side: This Way You Can Do It on the Clock

    Down at the criminal courthouse, the prosecutors are hard at work: updating their résumés. All Harris County Assistant District Attorneys, from the lowliest misdemeanor four to the most entrenched division chief, have been told by the incoming management to do so. (I couldn’t make this stuff up.) Wow! That’ll be great for morale! I will […]

  • Memo to Non-Criminal Defense Lawyers

    My Civil (and Prosecutorial) Friends, I know times are tough. The Republicans have gutted the civil justice system through tort deform. Family law and probate law and real estate law clients don’t have the money that they once had to spend on lawyers. Even in Houston, the economy is slowing down. I sympathize. Really, I […]

  • Not, in the Usual Sense, Criminal Law

    Lloyd Kelley, The lawyer for the Ibarra brothers, who successfully sued Harris County for civil rights violations earlier this year and, in the process, brought down Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, is now the defendant. The brothers have hired another lawyer to sue him over more than $200,000 in expenses deducted from their $1.7 […]