Category: civility

  • Trial Bonding

    Defending people should be personal. A human being has put his future in your hands, and someone is trying to take that future away. “Don’t take it personally” is lousy advice; it may not be necessary to care about the human being you’re defending, but it helps—when a lawyer cares about his client, the jury […]

  • The TCDLA Politburo at Work

    We recently had a contested election for the office of President Elect in our association. Both candidates were gracious and treated each other with respect; however, some of us were not so gracious. Statements were placed in emails and blogs that did not reflect well on us or our association. One member published a blog […]

  • No-Nazi Zone

    I’m declaring Defending People a no-Nazi zone. If you want to call someone a Nazi, go elsewhere. Why? Because I don’t like ad hominem attacks in comments. They are, as Michael pointed out in a recent comment, absolutely unpersuasive. The “Nazi” attack is particularly offensive because it minimizes Nazism. You want to prosecute nullifiers? “You’re […]