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  • God Bless Judge David Hittner (Updated)

    If you know me well, you might think that I would find no pleasure in a law-and-order federal judge smiting a college student for contempt, bringing her court in short-shorts and chains (Mary Flood, Houston Chronicle). You might think that any pleasure I took from such an event would be alloyed with guilt. You would […]

  • What the Hell is Wrong With the Maricopa County Criminal Bar?

    As Scott Greenfield reports, Judge Gary Donahoe in Arizona has held Deputy Adam Stoddard in “indirect civil” contempt for plundering defense counsel’s file. From the court’s ruling: [T]his case is not about disobeying a court order.  It is about protecting a defense attorney from misbehavior and harassment by another officer of the court. It is […]

  • . . . And Another 30 Days For Looking at Her Like That!

    Austin criminal-defense lawyer Adam Reposa gets 90 days in jail for “making a gesture simulating masturbation while standing before County Court-at-Law Judge Jan Breland during a pretrial hearing”. The earlier story. (Do you think the cuffs will stop him?)

  • Rosenthal in Contempt

    Judge Kenneth Hoyt today held Chuck Rosenthal and his lawyer, Harris County District Attorney’s Office General Counsel Scott Durfee, in civil contempt, ordering Rosenthal to pay $18,900 in “attorneys’ fee sanctions” and making Durfee jointly and severally liable for $5,000 of that. Here’s the order. Here’s the motion. I think the motion could have supported […]

  • Next Time, Avoid Eye Contact

    From the “You Mean You’re Not Supposed to Do That?” files: Lawyer held in contempt for simulating masturbation in court.

  • A Lesson in Federal Contempt

    Here is a thought-provoking little piece on Tom Kirkendall’s Houston’s Clear Thinkers blog about whether Chuck Rosenthal is in fact facing jail time for contempt in Judge Hoyt’s court. The contempt proceeding is for indirect criminal contempt. It’s “indirect” because Chuck didn’t commit contempt right in front of Judge Hoyt, and it’s “criminal” because the […]