Category: controlled substances

  • The Trace Experiment

    In response to the Houston Police Department’s concerns that the DA’s new policy of not charging <10mg controlled substance cases as felonies, but rather as Class C misdemeanor paraphernalia cases, will result in their not being able to pad their statistics with felonies that require little work result in a rise in the sort of […]

  • Without a Trace

    The rumor that I mentioned on October 30th, that the DA’s office was going to stop accepting charges on trace controlled-substance cases, has been verified. Prosecutors were notified today by email that starting January 1st the Harris County DA’s Office was going to stop filing possession cases on people in possession of less than .01 […]

  • Texas Criminal Legislation in the Works

    The Texas District and County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) has been so kind as to commission Texas legislative updates for us. Thanks, TDCAA. Some highlights: House Bill 169, allowing police to set up checkpoints (ihre Papieren, bitte!). House Bill 164, creating an affirmative defense for the medical use of marijuana. House Bill 170, creating a presumption, […]