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  • Williamson County Discovery

    In response to this post, in which I talked about Williamson County, Texas’s criminal discovery policy, WilCo DA John Bradley emailed me: In Williamson County, a defense lawyer receives full and complete discovery, including access to offense reports, before any trial. Mr. Hampton’s commentary is not accurate. Our discovery is more limited if there is […]

  • Offense Report Copies

    Keith Hampton’s editorial in today’s Austin American-Statesman contrasts Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s new policy of providing defense lawyers with copies of offense reports with Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley’s policy of not allowing defense lawyers to see offense reports: In leading the way on this cost-saving measure, Lehmberg also reaffirmed the fundamentals […]

  • Copies

    Ask any Harris County criminal-defense lawyer, and she’ll tell you that criminal-defense lawyers should have copies of offense reports. Ask any Harris County felony chief prosecutor whether the defense lawyer is right, and I’ll bet (based on my highly-scientific survey of 9% of such chiefs) that you’ll get the same answer. If I could file […]