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  • Pat Lykos’s Diversity Record

    Murray Newman posts about Pat Lykos’s terrific success utter and complete failure in making the Harris County District Attorney’s Office more diverse. Not only are there not more non-white lawyers there than there were before Lykos came along, but there will also be fewer non-white lawyers in the Office a week from Friday. My only […]

  • The Mote and the Beam

    When asked about the minority composition of the DA’s office at last night’s debate, Kelly Siegler stated that the DA’s office has more black and hispanic lawyers than the bar as a whole. I suspect that she knows what she’s talking about. This made me wonder: how does the Harris County Criminal Lawyers’ Association’s diversity […]

  • Harris County DA’s Diversity Policy is “Pretty Much Ignored”

    The general counsel for the Harris County DA’s office says that the DA’s operations manual provision related to diversity and equal employment, which has been policy since 1993, is “pretty much ignored as far as our actual hiring practices are concerned.”