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  • Go Go Godzilla

    I had a conversation recently with a woman who had accused her husband of hitting her. I was explaining her position in the criminal case: “You won’t have a lawyer, since you’re not a party. You’re a witness.” “I’m not a witness,” she replied indignantly, “I’m a victim.” This is, I’m afraid, the spirit of […]

  • More Mail from Arizona

    There’s apparently a meme going around the Arizona “Patriot” community that I am asking why Arizona voters don’t do something about Joe Arpaio. I am not. There’s no question why Maricopa County keeps reelecting Warlord Joe: it’s because the voters are scared, and fear is a mighty motivator. As Brian Cuban writes, “When we are […]

  • Lizards Don’t Laugh.

    Personal injury lawyer Paul Luvera has written about Applying Reptile Concepts in Trial—describing how plaintiffs’ lawyers should appeal to jurors’ reptile brains. The reptile brain is the core of the human brain, sitting right at the top of the spine surrounded by the later-developing dog brain and ape brain. The reptile brain is a survival […]

  • Happy Victims’ Week!

    America loves its mothers and its veterans and its administrative assistants, but America loves its victims more. Seven times as much, in fact, as any of these—this is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Nobody loves victims more than those who make their living off the Cult of the Victim. Take, for example, Andy Kahan of […]

  • The Smell of Fear / The Smell of Sex

    A year and a half ago, I wrote: Walking the halls of the Harris County Criminal Courthouse, I smell fear. The accused are often afraid, as you might expect, as are their loved ones, but theirs is not the fear I smell. The fear I smell oozes out from under doors leading to the judges’ […]

  • Freedom vs. Safety

    The exaltation of freedom over safety is part of our national DNA. America was founded, invented, and peopled by those who chose freedom over safety. Ben Franklin: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Patrick Henry: Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, […]

  • Be Afraid . . . But Not That Afraid

    Last week John McCain found himself telling his scared supporters that they don’t have to be afraid of President Obama. Might “make people afraid” not be such a great idea?

  • Wednesday Lagniappe

    Those of you who stop reading the comments here when they degenerate into a serious discussion of the fine points of Texas constitutional, statutory and case law will have missed this ingenious bit from frequent commenter (and prosecutor) “Tarian.”

    A One Act Play

    . . .

  • The Only Viable Threat

    By a margin of more than 11 to one, Defending People choose freedom over safety as the thing they value most. [poll=2] AHCL, at the Elect Kelly Siegler Blog can be forgiven a bit of snarkiness when she reads: Defending People is about protecting the people, one at a time, from the only viable threat to their liberty: their government. … “They hate us for our freedom,” the President says, justifying our embroilment in a war without end that in turn serves as rationale for the curtailment of our rights — to free expression (“There are reminders to all Americans that they need to watch what they say, watch what they do….”), to be secure in our homes and persons (the malevolently-named USA-PATRIOT act), to habeas corpus, counsel, due process and jury trial (Guantanamo) . . . .

  • Know Anger, Know Fear. No Fear, No Anger.

    This is one of those things. If you do know it already (like Jon Katz), I don’t need to tell you, and if you don’t know it already, it’s not going to make any sense to you and you’re going to fight it. So here goes: Our anger is almost always based on our fear. […]