Category: federal law

  • Trawling For Terrorists

    I suspect that there are tens of thousands in the U.S.: disaffected young men and women who like to see themselves as willing to kill for their beliefs, whatever those beliefs. Most of them don't hold beliefs including violent jihad. They believe, instead, that abortion is murder, or that Barack Obama is a Muslim, or […]

  • God Bless Judge David Hittner (Updated)

    If you know me well, you might think that I would find no pleasure in a law-and-order federal judge smiting a college student for contempt, bringing her court in short-shorts and chains (Mary Flood, Houston Chronicle). You might think that any pleasure I took from such an event would be alloyed with guilt. You would […]

  • Use Immunity and Perjury

    It is commonly said among criminal lawyers of all stripes that “there can be no immunity for perjury” or “you can’t take the Fifth for perjury.” What does it mean? Clearly, a witness can’t use immunity as cover for lying on the stand. So false testimony given under a grant of immunity is and should […]