Category: Free-Speech Litigation

  • Revenge-Porn Civil Litigators (and Those Who Are Not)

    Lawyers who have gotten civil judgments against people publishing revenge porn: ;Kenton Hutcherson Kyle Bristow;  Marc Randazza; Joseph Mathew Notice something about the CCRI’s list of attorneys: None of those lawyers who have successfully litigated revenge-porn suits for victims are on it. ? While I am certain that penal revenge-porn statutes should and will eventually […]

  • Foundations and Empire

    Atlanta public radio had a story on Jason Clark’s and my triumph in the Georgia Supreme Court on Monday. They reached out to neither Jason nor me, but to a “Hollie Manheimer, executive director of the Georgia First Amendment Foundation. This “Georgia First Amendment Foundation” was nowhere to be seen when Jason and the Client and […]

  • Free Speech in Georgia: Alive but Unwell

    After the Georgia Supreme Court’s disappointing First Amendment showing in Scott v. State, upholding the state's dirty-talk-to-minors statute (for the children!) despite the Free Speech Clause (the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals have both struck functionally identical statutes, and we have filed a cert petition in Scott citing this split […]

  • 2016.037: Before You Plead that Online-Solicitation Case …

    Regular readers know that for nearly three years, since right after killing the dirty-talk portion of Texas’s Online Solicitation of a Minor statute, I’ve been going after the balance of that statute, which appears at first to forbid only actual solicitation (which is unprotected speech), but on further reading explicitly criminalizes protected fantasy by eliminating […]