Category: Goofiness

  • Lessons in Media Relations and Blogging, from Tyler Flood [Updated, and Again]

    Tyler Flood (one of the smartest lawyers Tyler Flood has ever met!) says of his recent debacle in the Houston Press: During the course of this process I praised so many of my colleagues and even told Mike who to talk to, including Jed [Silverman], Gary [Trichter], Troy [McKinney], [Mark] Thiessen, Murph [Doug Murphy], Jim […]

  • Bravest of All at 451 Degrees

    When I was learning to read, my favorite book was Bravest of All, by Kate Emery Pogue. This was a Little Golden Book about an old firefighter who, when all the young firefighters and shiny new equipment were out putting out a big fire, sprang into action with his old fire truck to save a […]

  • The Gruff Marshmallow and the Pledgin’ Judge

    Former Harris County Assistant District Attorney The Gruff Marshmallow has joined the Nearby County District Attorney’s Office and been assigned to this court. How many of you saw the series finale of The Shield?

  • Three Notable Developments Across the Pond

    1. Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBOs) From the Home Office’s website: Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) are court orders which [sic] forbid specific threatening or intimidating actions. An ASBO can ban a person from: threatening, intimidating or disruptive actions spending time with a particular group of friends visiting certain areas ASBOs are in effect for a minimum of […]

  • Rescheduled From This Thursday

    In yet another attempt at morale-building, Pat Lykos is ordering every Harris County assistant district attorney to attend her swearing-in ceremony on January 1, 2009. January 1, 2009 is a county holiday. Does anyone remember the boxing video game from the ’80s? You’d hit your opponent, and the machine would say “body blow! body blow!” […]

  • From the Harris County Sexually Oriented Enterprise Regulations

    “Semi-nude” means “any state of dress which opaquely covers no more than a human buttock, anus, male genitalia, female genitalia or areola of a female breast.” Can anyone tell me what that means? I think it’s English, but I’m not certain.

  • Next Time, Avoid Eye Contact

    From the “You Mean You’re Not Supposed to Do That?” files: Lawyer held in contempt for simulating masturbation in court.