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  • Too Much to Mock

    Robert S. Bennett . . . has a problem. The Houston consumer lawyer (who . . . “does some criminal work“—records show him as counsel of record on a grand total of nine federal criminal cases in the Southern District of Texas, and no state criminal cases in Harris County) took on representation of R. […]

  • The Gruff Marshmallow and the Pledgin’ Judge

    Former Harris County Assistant District Attorney The Gruff Marshmallow has joined the Nearby County District Attorney’s Office and been assigned to this court. How many of you saw the series finale of The Shield?

  • Six Things; or, Does the Market Have Buddha-Nature?

    • Houston DWI lawyer Paul B. Kennedy (The Defense Rests) notes the similarities between coaching 6-and-under soccer and communicating with a jury. (I like seeing other lawyers looking for clues to better lawyering in other areas . . . other, that is, than The Art of War.) • Maryland criminal-defense lawyer Jon Katz (Underdog Blog; […]