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  • List of Harris County Jail Inmates Entitled to Immediate Release

    Article 17.151 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provides: A defendant who is detained in jail pending trial of an accusation against him must be released either on personal bond or by reducing the amount of bail required, if the state is not ready for trial of the criminal action for which he is […]

  • From the Houston Criminal Law News

    A team of federal inspectors is checking out the Harris County Jail. Harbingers of adult supervision for the Harris County Criminal Justice System? Widow charged 23 years after her husband’s murder. She claimed at the time that an intruder had entered the house, tortured her, and shot him with her pistol. The dead guy’s daughter […]

  • New Harris County Criminal Law Blog

    HCSO Blog (tagline: Only the smart people are frustrated). [Edit: The anonymous author links to me because of my intelligence. I think I’ve got that right.]

  • More Public Information from HCSO

    The Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to my email request for “all documents related to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s email retention policy, including emails and other correspondence discussing the policy and changes to the policy [for the time period from January 9, 2008, through January 18, 2008].” Here are the 24 pages of email […]