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  • 2010 Judicial Endorsements

    Most of this year’s Harris County judicial elections are worthy of little more than a shrug. I had a sorely disillusioning experience trying a case for almost two weeks before former criminal-defense lawyer Ruben Guerrero, who a) is sorely deficient in judicial temperament and knowledge; b) even the jurors could tell was biased toward the […]

  • “I’ve Handled Lots of These Cases”

    It’s always been easy for a lawyer to claim, “I’ve handled lots of these cases,” to try to get hired by a client. Now, thanks to District Clerk Loren Jackson, who has brought the courthouse into the late 20th century, if not the 21st, it’s easy for a client, at least in Harris County, to […]

  • A Man Among Prosecutorial Bloggers

    Anonymous Harris County prosecutor / blogger “Arthur Seaton” at Saturday Night and Monday Morning? Wuss. The anonymous Harris County prosecutor / blogger at Life After Esq.? Wuss. Harris County prosecutor Jeremy Gordon, blogging under his own name at The Minority Report? Definitely not a wuss. The first two cratered their blogs in the last week—because […]

  • DWI Diversion in Harris County

    Houston DWI attorney Paul Kennedy reports: A citizen confronted with a first-time DWI will be offered pretrial diversion (if eligible) or 30 days in the county jail. The other option is to ask the judge for probation without a recommendation from the prosecutor.. . . .Said an unnamed source, “the plan is to force people […]

  • The End Result

    This is the case on which I was deselected from the jury last week. Now I’m glad Caroline “Wonder Woman” Dozier decided to strike me; I wouldn’t want to be remembered for having sent a guy to prison during my tenure as HCCLA President. The jury gave the defendant life in prison plus a $10,000 […]

  • No News is Good News

    This year Harris County sent nobody to death row (Rick Casey, today’s Chronicle). Previous years: 2003 = 9 2004 = 10 2005-2007 = 7 total all per Casey (the Death Penalty Information Center says 3 in 2005 and 3 in 2006; I couldn’t find a specific number for 2007). These numbers reflect a turn away […]

  • From the Harris County Sexually Oriented Enterprise Regulations

    “Semi-nude” means “any state of dress which opaquely covers no more than a human buttock, anus, male genitalia, female genitalia or areola of a female breast.” Can anyone tell me what that means? I think it’s English, but I’m not certain.

  • From the Houston Criminal Law News

    A team of federal inspectors is checking out the Harris County Jail. Harbingers of adult supervision for the Harris County Criminal Justice System? Widow charged 23 years after her husband’s murder. She claimed at the time that an intruder had entered the house, tortured her, and shot him with her pistol. The dead guy’s daughter […]