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  • Don’t Pitch Me

    Houston criminal-defense lawyer Herman Martinez wrote (three weeks ago, but it hit my blog reader today): We enjoy reading emails from people, but lately we have received some that are way too long. to read.  If you can not say what you want to say in one or two paragraphs please pick up the phone […]

  • Tyler Flood Can’t Help Himself

    From the Houston Press article on Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood: On all of his sites, Flood’s biography starts with his No. 4 class rank in law school. It doesn’t mention that he graduated during the summer with 17 other people. (In fact, the site for Flood Publishing, which sells law school flash cards, claims […]

  • Ollie the Cabdrivertising Criminal Attorney

    There’s a criminal attorney in Houston (I’ll call him “Ollie”) who is a really busy guy. Ollie reportedly has a cab driver who waits outside the jail in the wee hours of the morning when people are released on bond and refers them to Ollie for representation. Ollie charges a nominal fee ($500 or so […]