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  • I’m Not Sure What to Think About . . .

    . . . Houston criminal-defense lawyer Cole Brooks’s new blog. I’m glad to see another Houston criminal-defense lawyer jump into the practical blawgosphere (even if he isn’t a member of HCCLA . . . hint, hint), and Cole’s blog isn’t blatant “I’m great! hire me!” marketing, but so far it’s heavy on explications of Texas […]

  • New Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    Houston criminal defense / civil rights lawyer Eric J. Davis has a new blog, Sustained!. Eric is an outstanding lawyer and a good friend. (He’s also a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, as are Paul Smith, Jon Katz, David Tarrell, Chuck Peterson, Remy Orozco, Ed Stapleton, and someone else I’m unfortunately forgetting at the […]

  • Straight Into Solo

    New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield really doesn’t like the idea, but prescribes two options for “when there’s no other choice.” Virginia prosecutor (and former criminal-defense lawyer) Ken Lammers did it himself, and offers “option C: nose to the grindstone.” Miami criminal-defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum, who got himself a fancy-pants PD gig out of law […]

  • An Embarrassment Even to Criminal Defense Lawyers

    I wrote way back in ought-seven about how criminal-defense lawyers are unembarrassable. I find my unembarrassability challenged by this: Houston lawyer Jerome Godinich has blown deadlines to file writs of habeas corpus for death row prisoners three times. In [two of the] cases, the lawyer waited until after business hours on the last day an […]

  • HCCLA Reasonable Doubt August 7, 2008

    Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association’s “Reasonable Doubt” television show. August 7, 2008 episode with Houston criminal-defense lawyers Tate Williams and Sean Buckley.

  • HCCLA Reasonable Doubt March 12, 2009

    The March 12, 2009 episode of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association’s Reasonable Doubt television show. Hosts: Houston criminal lawyer Todd Dupont and me; Guest: top Houston criminal-defense lawyer Vivian R. King.

  • HCCLA Reasonable Doubt March 5, 2009

    Here’s last week’s Reasonable Doubt, with Houston criminal-defense lawyers Neal Davis, Todd Dupont, and me. It’s sure to give any true-believer prosecutor hives.

  • Criminal Lawyers: Ex-Partisan Judges and Ex-Partisan Prosecutors

    Houston criminal lawyer Murray Newman, to his credit, comes to the defense of his friend Judge Hanger. Good for him. Somehow he finds a tenuous connection between my views on Ms. Hanger, who hasn’t (officially) been a prosecutor in years, with collegiality or the lack thereof between defense and prosecutorial bars, but he misses the […]

  • Aggressive Criminal Lawyer? No, Thanks.

    Here are the Google results for: compassionate criminal lawyer: about 124,000 truthful -truth criminal lawyer: about 148,000 tough criminal lawyer: about 315,000 creative criminal lawyer: about 319,000 aggressive criminal lawyer: about 2,290,000 Granted, these are not all lawyer websites, but there’s a Michigan lawyer with the domain name, and he’s not alone in advertising […]

  • Here Comes the Judge

    Ex-Judge Hanger, who went from being a “fuck-the-accused” judge in December to calling herself a criminal-defense lawyer in January, is, along with her partner (also a former judge, but one with a repuation for fairness) “currently developing a new Web site with Findlaw.” The placeholder page says, “work with a lawyer who will aggressively protect […]