Category: Houston Police Department

  • Now, What Else Can We Get “Clarified”?

    It took a little over a month. The Houston Police Department Chief’s Command issued a memo of questionable legality forbidding cops from talking to defense lawyers without permission. Some 60 HCCLA members, incited and led by former president Robb Fickman, descended upon Houston City Council to protest (video). And the Chief rescinded the suspect order. […]

  • The HPD “Don’t Talk to Defense Lawyers” Memo

    Texas’s highest criminal court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, has held, in Stearnes v. Clinton, that a rule barring defense counsel from talking to some witnesses without the prosecutor’s presence “is not only in conflict with principles of fair play, but in direct conflict with defense counsel’s responsibility to seek out and interview potential witnesses.” […]

  • HPD and Video Redux

    HPD Officer Paul Lassalle comments on this long-ago post about his communications with Harris County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam (who will likely be at the coronation on Thursday) concerning whether HPD has to actually use the videotaping equipment that the statute requires them to have and maintain. When a man with a gun and […]

  • More on those Ominous Black Boxes

    Reader Trafficnerd gave us a few links to pages about the HPD’s DEA-funded PlateScan Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems. None of them, oddly enough, mention the DEA funding that Officer Friendly told me about. Here, though, is Houston HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force) director Stan Furce’s “So, you want an LPR” article […]

  • Big Brother on Wheels

    According to Officer Friendly, those are DEA-supplied license-plate reading cameras mounted to the trunk of the patrol car. I don’t like it, but it’s good for business — my business — I suppose.