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  • Law Geek: Retroactivity of Padilla v. Kentucky

    When I read Padilla v. Kentucky, I didn’t give much thought to the question, but after hearing considerable debate among smart lawyers of whether the rule in that case (that counsel is ineffective for not telling the defendant about clear immigration consequences before a guilty plea) is retroactive, I took a closer look at the […]

  • DOJ on Immigration Consequences

    In the wake of Padilla v. Kentucky, the DOJ’s Office of Immigration Litigation has prepared a monograph on immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Download it here.

  • Padilla v. Kentucky

    Immigration law can be complex, and it is a legal specialty of its own. Some members of the bar who represent clients facing criminal charges, in either state or federal court or both, may not be well versed in it.  There will, therefore, undoubtedly be numerous situations in which the deportation consequences of a particular […]

  • ICE: Policy’s Effect on Immigration Would Be Minimal

    From Brian Rogers’s and James Pinkerton’s article in tomorrow’s Chronicle about the DA’s new immigration plea policy: “We think the impact would be minimal, and we should be able to handle that difference,” said Kenneth Landgrebe, who heads ICE detention and removal operations. If the impact (!) on ICE detention and removal operations would be […]

  • Another Brilliant Idea from Lykos and Company

    I was relaxing on the front porch of Bennett Manor with a glass of good single-malt when the telephone rang. It was my private line — the number I don’t give out to anybody. Caller ID showed an unfamiliar overseas area code. I answered it. -Hello? Pssst. Mark. -Mr. X? Where are you calling from?I’m […]