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  • “Years of Trial Experience”

    Divorce lawyer John Clinton, running for criminal court judge, seems to be saying that when he was a Houston police officer he “amassed years of trial experience.” [quicktime][/quicktime] (Full video here.) This could be true only in the sense in which a career criminal has amassed years of policing experience. Maybe Clinton spoke awkwardly, and […]

  • Blog à Clef, for Now.

    I am sorely tempted today to write about The Clown and The Snake—the incompetent, biased judge and the lying prosecutor—and use their names, creating a permanent googleable record. There would be good in it. The voters should know about The Clown, and if he knew that his hijinks might be published, it's not unimaginable that […]

  • John Coby Writes Blog Post With Words “Gay Nigger”

    Someone using John Coby’s email address and a link to his blog tried to leave the following comment to this post: Your article is a bit too long for a blog entry. I couldnt finish it. I emailed Coby to ask if it was actually him leaving this moronic comment. He did not respond. Judging, […]

  • CCCL3: Anyone But Sharolyn Wood

    I may build up more interest in this year’s criminal court elections in Harris County, but for right now, this is what irks me: Sharolyn Wood, who claimed after the election in 2008 that an “unspoken agreement” that experienced judges not be challenged was “tossed out,” is now running for County Criminal Court At Law […]

  • This Might Cost Him the Chosen Vote

    Harris County Civil Court at Law Number 1 Judge R. Jack Cagle sent out this Christmas card, paid for with campaign funds:I’m not on Cagle’s Christmas list, but a civil-lawyer friend passed the card on to me, commenting, “Usually when a judge thinks I’m unwise, it’s because of my lack of legal skills, not because […]

  • The Victimocracy Strikes Back

    The Harris County District Attorney’s office has asked criminal Court-at-Law Judge Reagan Helm to remove himself from two family violence cases because of “deep-seated bias and prejudice.” In motions filed Thursday, prosecutors said Helm has a history of making inappropriate comments to assistant district attorneys, victims and defendants. “These comments also signal to the victims […]

  • Barrelscraping.

    The Pat Lykos DA’s Office has, in the last eight months, shown a marked tendency to act without calm deliberation. See the whale policy, the no-probation-for-illegal immigrants policy, the premature announcement of DIVERT, Pat Lykos calling two of her prosecutors “incompetent”, and just about every story on Murray’s blog. I wrote here about the Office’s […]

  • Want Revenge? Gain? Attention? Be a Witness!

    The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is looking for other people who allegedly may have been involved with Judge Donald Jackson. Donna Hawkins, a spokeswoman for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said investigators in the public integrity division want to know whether there are other people who have any knowledge of similar behavior in […]

  • Woody: Diddy?

    I’ve watched the video, and I don’t know if he did it. Maybe he, like so many of my clients, is the victim of a false accusation, betrayed by the criminal justice system. Maybe he was just running his hand along the side of the car feeling the damage that someone else had done.But (please […]

  • HCDP Judicial Candidates: Who Are These People?

    The Harris County Democratic Party has announced its slate of candidates for criminal courts for the 2010 elections. First the District Court (felony) benches: Darrell Jordan, opposing Debbie Mantooth-Stricklin (whose husband Don lost to Herb Ritchie last year) for the 180th District Court, is a lawyer with three years of experience in a general practice. […]