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  • TM vs. TMI

    1. Trench Menu: 2. Too Much Information: See the difference?

  • A Job for Fools (and Other Humans)

    When I was 25, I was a fool. In this I am far from alone—most, if not all, 25-year-olds who went directly from high school to college to law school are fools. Wisdom requires understanding, and understanding (as opposed to knowledge) comes only from experience of a type not provided by formal education. Fortunately for […]

  • I Wish I’d Said It

    Believe it or not, sometimes criminal defendants have a serious lack of judgment, reason and/or common sense. Some even possess what might be considered a reckless disregard for what’s in their best interests. (Not my clients, mind you, but I’ve noticed that other criminal-defense lawyers seem to represent people who are a mess.) Todd Taylor, […]