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  • Still Crazy After All These Years

    Good news: Lana Shadwick of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office’s Appellate Section, formerly of Fulbright & Jaworski (and a bunch of other places that have nothing to do with the trial of criminal cases), has decided to run for criminal court judge. I heard the news that Shadwick would be running in the Republican […]

  • Cute. That’s what you’re going for?

    Sad to say: If your political opponent fired his political consultants, and you hired them, you’d both be better off.

  • HCDP Judicial Candidates: Who Are These People?

    The Harris County Democratic Party has announced its slate of candidates for criminal courts for the 2010 elections. First the District Court (felony) benches: Darrell Jordan, opposing Debbie Mantooth-Stricklin (whose husband Don lost to Herb Ritchie last year) for the 180th District Court, is a lawyer with three years of experience in a general practice. […]

  • The 174th District Court

    George Godwin, the longtime judge of the 174th District Court, is not running for reelection. Four prosecutors are running for that bench. Per AHCL, “Look for the A.D.A.’s to remain awkwardly quiet about this race until after the primary has settled the issue for them.” How is the general public to choose among four prosecutors […]

  • Judicial Elections

    I am the campaign treasurer for Shawna Reagin, who is running as a Democrat for the 176th District Court of Harris County, Texas. Today I learned that the incumbent judge (who really has to go) now has a Republican opponent in the primary: Michelle Satarelli (Oncken). Michelle is a Harris County ADA who is married […]