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  • Fighting Back Against Common Sense

    "Common sense" has nothing to do with it. The words do not appear in a Texas criminal jury charge. The existence of jury trials is not common sense. The presumption of innocence is not common sense. Requiring proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not common sense. If any of these concepts were common sense, everyone […]

  • Works on Voters, Too.

    The Chronicle reports that, “in a 2002 trial skills presentation in Austin, [Harris County DA candidate Kelly] Siegler’s worksheet on final arguments included, ‘Make jury afraid.’”

  • Lykos Reads the DA Playbook

    From AHCL, talking about Harris County Republican DA candidate Pat Lykos: At a recent political event, she refused to speak until after the representative of the Siegler campaign had gone first (even though that wasn’t the agreed upon order). Apparently, she didn’t want anyone to follow up after her speech and point out (yet again) […]

  • Jury Argument in Criminal Cases

    Today my copy of Ray Moses’s “Jury Argument in Criminal Cases: A Trial Lawyer’s Guide (Second Edition)” arrived in the mail. (Bookmark the book’s website.) This is one of my favorite resources, but I had never gotten around to ordering a copy before now (Professor Moses doesn’t make it particularly easy to order) — I’d […]