Category: justice

  • Too Broken?

    New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield asks of the criminal justice system, “is it too broken?“ These are a few of the questions he asks: Are jurors capable of discerning truth from deception, or is this just a vanity of our support for trial by jury? . . . . Is there a fundamental flaw […]

  • Is it Racist?

    Anonymous Harris County prosecutor AHCL, in a post that illustrates the need that she remain anonymous, wrote yesterday about African-American Jurors, Batson, and the D.A.’s Office. She said, prosecutors are very much aware of the fact that probably every African-American member of a jury panel has been treated like crap at some point during his […]

  • Justice?

    Gideon wrote: Maybe I’m naive, but I thought it – what we do, this side and the other – was about justice. Righting wrongs. Then why, for some, is it about winning and losing? What this side does is different than what the other side does. The other side has (but of course doesn’t always […]

  • I’m Back

    Bennett & Bennett are back from seven days in Paris. A few of the things the French do exceedingly well: Food and drink. Subterranean transport. Historic preservation. Clothing. Something the French do less well: Technology. While the hotel at which we stayed in the 7th Arrondissement provided, in theory, a high-speed internet connection, that mostly-theoretical […]

  • Why Let Juries Sentence?

    When Texas legislator Scott Hochberg sought to ban probation for murder, he was able to get a bill passed preventing juries from recommending probation in murder cases. Judges can still, if prosecutors play along by agreeing not to have jury trials, put people on probation for murder. If things had to change (there really was […]