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  • Briefs in Texas v. Green Mandamus

    Here are three briefs filed today in State ex rel Lykos v. Fine, the mandamus proceeding in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals arising out of the defense’s efforts to show that there is an unreasonable risk that a factually innocent person will be executed, in violation of the Eighth Amendment. First is the defense’s […]

  • Mandamus in Texas and the Green Case

    [M]andamus relief is available only when the relator can establish two things: first, that no other adequate remedy at law is available; and second, that the act he seeks to compel is ministerial. An act is ministerial “when the law clearly spells out the duty to be performed … with such certainty that nothing is […]

  • Fine News

    It's hard to find Beaumont senior district court judge Larry Gist's party affiliation. He gave $250 to Republican Ted Poe's reelection campaign in 2009; he has a jail named after him; he jokingly refers to his progressive son as "my son the communist." I would guess "Republican," but he may be some species of East Texas […]

  • Motion to Recuse in John Edward Green Case

    The State has moved to recuse Judge Kevin Fine from the Green case. You saw it first here: State’s Motion to Recuse Judge Fine from Death Penalty Case I haven’t analyzed the motion closely (and, truth be told, I probably won’t unless someone wants to pay me to), but one part of the argument seems […]

  • Real Life Experience, Applied

    I’ve written here many times about my opinion that the best judges are people whose life experience is broader and deeper than the ordinary high school-to-law school-to-DA’s office-to-bench career track. I’ve also mentioned my friend Kevin Fine before: he’s the guy I called when one of my friends was in Deep East Texas trouble; Kevin […]