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  • Why Prosecution? Be Realistic.

    Law student Laura McWilliams, blogging at Really? Law? (go ahead and add it to your feedreader now—done?—great), writes here and here about the thought process that has her leaning toward an eventual job prosecuting people. From the first post: In an idealist vision, (let’s just go with it; there’s nothing wrong with a little idealism) […]

  • . . . and, Erica, You’re No Larry Joe

    Today's Houston Chronicle has an interview with Erica Rose, a Houston socialite who is going to law school (she's a 3L at my alma mater, University of Houston) to advance her career in reality TV. (I'll link to it when a link is available.) The last line of the article: Q: What's next for you? […]

  • Do Not Go To Law School

    If you are a college graduate, a college student, or a high school student, and you want to work for someone else, do not under any circumstances plan to go to law school. Instead read Temporary Attorney. Law schools are cranking out lawyers without any regard to how many legal jobs there are, and many […]

  • Memo to Future Lawyers

    Don’t go to Marquette Law School. According to David Papke, law professor at Marquette Law School, We don’t want law school to be lawyer-training school. When we cave in to demands of that sort from the ABA and assorted study commissions, we actually invite alienation among law students and lawyers. Legal education should appreciate the […]

  • Law School: Substance or Skills

    In response to my post on lower-tier law schools being the better bet for aspiring solos, law student Zeb wrote: I’m a second year student at the University of Baltimore, a supposedly 4th tier school (that just happens to supply the bulk of trial lawyers in Baltimore). Mr. Bennett’s intial post has inspired me to […]