Category: lawyers behaving badly

  • Attorney John C. Osborne

    I wrote about John C. Osborne here:  The lawyer who promises to get the accused in a federal cocaine conspiracy case out on conditions of release is unethical and a liar. . . . . What happens next? My bet is that once the lawyer has been paid and four weeks have passed and the […]

  • Kenneth R. Kratz: “The Prize”

    Elected Republican Calumet County, Wisconsin District Attorney Kenneth R. Kratz got caught texting the complainant in a domestic-violence assault case. He was prosecuting her ex-boyfriend while trying to get into her pants. Im serious! Im the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, […]

  • The TCDLA Politburo at Work

    We recently had a contested election for the office of President Elect in our association. Both candidates were gracious and treated each other with respect; however, some of us were not so gracious. Statements were placed in emails and blogs that did not reflect well on us or our association. One member published a blog […]

  • What is the Code for Lawyer?

    I recently read Clotaire Rapaille’s The Culture Code. Rapaille is a marketing researcher who “is an internationally known expert in Archetype Discoveries,” which is a field of study that he invented. In The Culture Code Rapaille discusses some of the results of his research into “the unconscious meaning we apply to any given thing—a car, […]

  • Couch Fees in Texas

    Rule 1.13. Prohibited Sexual Relations [new, renumbered](a) A lawyer shall not condition the representation of a client or prospective client, or the quality of such representation, on having any person engage in sexual relations with the lawyer.(b) A lawyer shall not solicit or accept sexual relations as payment of fees.(c) A lawyer shall not have […]

  • Beverly Hills 78701

    A must-read, especially for people think that baby prosecutors are magically endowed with wisdom to make decisions affecting other people’s futures: the new blogger on the Harris County criminal law block, Life after Esq., is reporting from “baby prosecutors school” in Austin. With plenty of breathless prose about partying, and palpable sexual tension between Ms. […]

  • The Miami Motion to Substitute

    Miami criminal-defense lawyer David Markus blogs about a fight between criminal-defense lawyers on the steps of the jail (H/T Arkansas criminal-defense lawyer John Wesley Hall’s Law of Criminal Defense). I think that might be a natural extension of lawyers treating clients as property. (I wonder if I could take Ollie in a fight.)