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  • The Total Refusal

    I was making an appearance on a first DWI. My client had declined to participate in the cop’s agility exercises (also known as “field sobriety tests”), both at the scene and at the station. The cop claims that at the scene my client showed signs of intoxication, but on the video from the station my […]

  • Attorney John C. Osborne

    I wrote about John C. Osborne here:  The lawyer who promises to get the accused in a federal cocaine conspiracy case out on conditions of release is unethical and a liar. . . . . What happens next? My bet is that once the lawyer has been paid and four weeks have passed and the […]

  • From the Mailbag

    I’m just trying to find the best lawyer who makes me feel content. So far there hasn’t been one that can assure me that punishment will be under 5 years. You will, if you keep trying, find a lawyer who will assure you that punishment will be under five years. This lawyer will be lying […]

  • Thanks, Snake

    "Watch this, Mark. I'm going to lie to the judge just to show you that I can." That's not exactly what she said. This morning The Snake was seeking a delay of the trial (set next Monday) of a case in which she's prosecuting a client of mine. This was her second motion for a […]

  • Adam Winter and Thomas DiCicco: Lying Asshats of the Day

    Today’s asshats of the day are Adam Winter and Thomas A. DiCicco, Jr. of “Web Guardian” (I don’t know if it’s this WebGuardian, but it’s probably just a boiler room in Boca Raton). The first time Adam called he gave his full name (“Adam Winter”, possibly a pseudonym; if I were working in a sleazy […]

  • R.W. Lynch Raises Its Ugly Head Again

    Last month I got a call from Terry Fifer (or it maybe Terri Fifer or Terry Phifer or Terri Phifer) at R.W. Lynch claiming that she was calling about “a new case — an injury that I was involved in.” Since then she has become more truthful — “I want to know if you handle […]

  • It’s Thursday, and R.W. Lynch Still Lies

    Telephone message from Terry Fifer, Tel. 480-345-3324: “New case — an injury that I was involved in. Please call me.” Since a) I don’t take injury cases; b) this is an out-of-town number; and c) the call went directly to my answering service (a listed number, but not one that I give out, so that […]

  • A Note for Longtime Readers

    Eight months down the road, this guy is still in jail. (Not the lawyer, though that would be appropriate, but the client he lied to in order to get the case.)

  • Asshat Lawyer of the Day

    With a hat tip to alert reader Brendan Kelly, the story (USA Today Blog) of an Indiana Republican congressional candidate, Tony Zirkle, speaking at a birthday party for Adolf Hitler. (For this post only, the Rule Against Calling People Nazis in Comments is suspended.) Brendan also helpfully directed me to Mr. Zirkle’s politician CV, from […]

  • Lying Liar Lawyers

    I take an appointed criminal case in federal court from time to time. I don’t need the cases (my time is worth much more than the $94-an-hour that the federal courts pay under the CJA), but I see indigent defense as a public service. As a consequence, I don’t have any problem with my appointed […]