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  • Lawyer David DeCosta Cleared

    David DeCosta was set up, to begin with: set up by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Phoenix Police Department, and almost certainly factually innocent. Yesterday the State of Arizona, represented by the Pinal County Attorney’s Office (to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest—are you listening, Pat Lykos?) moved to dismiss the case […]

  • Federal Grand Jury in Maricopa County

    In Phoenix, a federal grand jury is reportedly looking into accusations that Arpaio has abused his law enforcement power with criminal investigations of critics and political foes (Nick Martin, Heat City). The nutjob semiliterate pseuodpatriot supporters of Sheriff Joe will no doubt see this as more evidence of a vast (Mexican?) conspiracy—when you believe in a […]

  • Arizona Reading Comprehension Fail

    After I wrote this post and asked her to comment on Defending People because her emails were not welcome, Laura Leighton sent me these two emails: I saw your diatribe regarding myself and you are very wrong. It is “we” who respect our Constitution and demand our Constitution be obeyed. When radical extremists threaten to […]

  • More Mail from Arizona

    There’s apparently a meme going around the Arizona “Patriot” community that I am asking why Arizona voters don’t do something about Joe Arpaio. I am not. There’s no question why Maricopa County keeps reelecting Warlord Joe: it’s because the voters are scared, and fear is a mighty motivator. As Brian Cuban writes, “When we are […]

  • From the Mailbag [Updated]

    From “Kathryn,” “[email protected],” the subject was “why the people don’t do anything about Sheriff Joe?” We do something about Sheriff Joe!  We re-elect him because he is an honorable man who enforces the laws on the books.  And we will continue to re-elect him because he is the BEST sheriff Arizona has ever had. Mind […]

  • Fake Edmund Burke Was Wrong

    Some folks like to “quote” Edmund Burke on evil: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Aside from the fact that the quote is quite bogus (see the link), it’s wrong. In order for evil to triumph, it is not sufficient that good people not act; […]

  • Bringing the Light to Maricopa

    For millennia people have beaten drums, rung bells, and lit bonfires on the Winter Solstice to frighten away the darkness. Maricopa County, Arizona has been suffering from a darkness in which the evil of tyranny thrives; in a 21st Century revisitation of ancient traditions, The Lawyers Of Maricopa County Announce A December 21st Rally against […]

  • Why Do Maricopa County’s Voters Hate the Constitution?

    In response to Why Maricopa County Matters, in which I wrote, Sheriff Joe is what we get when we leave our form of government, rather than just the people serving us in it, up to the scared white Republicans. His conduct, and his reelections, are proof that the voters of Maricopa County do not love […]

  • Recent Maricopa County Blog Posts (Updated)

    Criminal Defense (Florida): Maricopa County: An American Embarrassment Gamso – For the Defense (Ohio): Sheriff Joe and the Second Amendment People v. State: Sheriff Joe Arpaio almost attends fundraiser in Elkhart County … The Agitator: Update in Maricopa County Simple Justice (New York): Maricopa: The Counter Attack Continues Emptywheel » Arpaio And Thomas: The Most […]

  • Why Maricopa County Matters

    Scott Greenfield asks: It’s grown tedious hearing about, and writing about, the doings of Crazy Joe in Maricopa.  No doubt he has a few more bullets in his gun that will soon whistle through the air.  If there’s no one, from the Governor to the United States Attorney to the indicted Chairman of the Board of […]