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  • That’s Why Prosecutors Shouldn’t Try POM Cases

    From Brian Rogers of the Houston Chronicle, Prospective juror in pot trial caught smoking marijuana (during a break, she stepped outside the building to smoke some weed, and got arrested).

  • Three Stupid State Tricks

    Williamson County’s John Bradley says, “The government has already decided, as a matter of law, that [marijuana] is not available for such a [medical] purpose. No defense permitted.” (H/T Robert Guest, via Grits.) Oops, sorry, John! DPS Troopers are shopping for Denton, Dallas, and Tarrant County judges to “go to for blood warrants.” Not to […]

  • Texas Medical Marijuana Acquittal

    From (little known geographical fact: Texas is so big that Amarillo is actually closer to Long Island, New York than it is to Houston) comes this story about a successful marijuana defense by Jeff Blackburn: A Texas patient who uses medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of HIV won acquittal on marijuana possession charges […]