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  • Follow the Bouncing Hackneyed Ball

    A geeky little game I play with lawyers’ internet advertising: from one website, I take a phrase that is unlikely to be written more than once intentionally. I google it and see who else is using the same copywriters, or who is plagiarizing whom. So when I saw this South Carolina ethics opinion (Greenfield quoted […]

  • Small Lesson

    At the request of a colleague out of state, I put the call out on a Texaswide criminal defense listserv for the names of some lawyers who would be good to handle a felony drug case in a faraway Texas small town. As the “I can handle those” responses came rolling in, I realized: that’s […]

  • Sparta Townson, “Internet Guru Girl”

    I've known Sparta Townson for years, since she was Sparta Komissarova with Martindale-Hubbell / (in unholy alliance at the time with LexisNexis). I may have done a little business with her for a little while, and then stopped. There were no hard feelings, but she was a salesperson, and she wasn't selling anything I […]

  • Protected: Steve Swanger / Olschwanger, Spammer

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Internet Marketers and Other Scoundrels

    I wrote a couple of posts over at Social Media Tyro about the ethics of ghostblawging (something I’d scribbled about here before). One ghostblawger’s response raised broader issues that fit better here at Defending People. In an email, Jenni Buchanan of invited private discussion of the ethics of ghostblogging, and asked that I remove […]

  • Call this “Notice”

    Mitchell Sassower is doing it. Marc J. Chase is doing it. Myron Kahn is doing it. Many others are doing it too, but those three are at the top of the list. What are they doing? They’re funding FindLaw’s crappy little rip-off (all above links are nofollow) of the name of Eric Turkewitz’s excellent New […]

  • Does Daniel Barrera Want To Ruin Defendants’ Lives?

    If he does, the State Bar doesn’t mind. First, a story: the Texas Legislature amended section 38.12 of the Texas Penal Code, entitled, “Barratry and Solicitation of Professional Employment,” in September. The former statute had been held unconstitutional by Judge David Hittner in Moore v. Morales, John Cornyn had opined formally as Texas AG that […]

  • Bradley Johnson Offers a Free Four-Part Symposium on Internet Marketing for Lawyers

    1. September 17ish, 2009: Seattle lawyer Bradley Johnson, using the name seattle injury attorney, tries to leave a spam comment at Popehat: Really enjoyed reading your blog post. I will have to bookmark your site for later. Patrick writes about it, naturally. 2. November 14, 2009: a representative from Bradley Johnson’s office contacts Popehat: to […]

  • Outsource Your Marketing, 3000 Words Edition

    Houston’s own Lindeman, Alvarado, and Frye has made ATL with four of its website pictures tastelessly illustrating “Child Sexual Assault & Internet Solicitiation [sic] of a Minor” (shown below), “Rape & Sexual Assault,” and “Family Violence.” (H/T Gideon, whose post is entitled “Why people think criminal-defense lawyers are scum.”) I know Jim Lindeman, Gil Alvarado, […]

  • Sixteen Rules for Lawyers Who (Think They) Want to Market Online

    1. If you’re looking for The Promised Land, you’re in the wrong place. This is the Wild West, Pilgrim. 2. There are clients online—sophisticated, moneyed clients—but they don’t find lawyers the way you think they do. That is, they don’t find lawyers the way the marketers want you to think they do. Clients—sophisticated clients, clients […]