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  • Mental Health First Aid Class

    Sunshine Swallers, one of the Harris County’s next generation of outstanding young criminal-defense lawyers (a true believer in the best sense), is working with Suzette Sova from the Harris County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority (MHMRA) to arrange a 12-hour Mental Health First Aid course. The course looks like an excellent start for those […]

  • Don’t Dial 9-1-1

    Steve Hobart says he’ll never forget the frantic moments after his 19-year-old son was shot. He’ll never forget seeing a bloodied Aaron Hobart die in front of his eyes as he struggled to give him CPR. “We wanted Aaron to get help,” Hobart said with watery eyes Tuesday. “We didn’t want him to die.” Stafford […]

  • Cross is Not Supposed to Be Angry

    Via Norm Kent (The Broward Law Blog), a prosecutor loses his cool during cross-examination: Stacey Castor questioned about day her daughter fell ill

  • A Common Fact Pattern

    I’ve represented several young men with these three characteristics: Bipolar disorder; High IQ; and Homosexuality. The client is usually between 21 and 30 years old. I’ve been told that bipolar disorder appears in males when they are in their 20s. Often the client had an earlier diagnosis of attention-deficit disorder. It’s typically the young man’s […]