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  • Mmmmm…Chicha!

    Houston DUI lawyer Paul Kennedy, in Going for the Gut, calls to our attention this Boston Globe article by Drake Bennett about how disgust may shape our moral judgments. A few thoughts: First, one of the experiments discussed: In one study, [psychologist Jonathan Haidt] had some of his unfortunate test subjects respond to four vignettes […]

  • Means and Ends

    New second-career criminal-defense lawyer desperately in need of a mentor Joe Attorney writes: [Reptile] is not a technique I could comfortably embrace.  It suggests we should manipulate the more primitive emotions and parts of the brain to gain the desired result.  To me it suggests that lawyers should worry more about ends than the means. […]

  • Prosecutors: We’re Punishing Sinners

    The latest discussion of the ethics of a factually-guilty person putting the government to its burden, which started with Illinois criminal-defense lawyer Jeremy Ritchey’s post here, then bounced to my post here and back to Jeremy’s here and onward to Virginia prosecutor Ken Lammers (a good discussion will do that, you know), here, who adjusted […]

  • Chuck’s Apology

    This came out today, in response to the events I discussed here: For Immediate Release: Contact: Chuck Rosenthal Friday, December 28, 2007 713-755-5810 Statement by Chuck Rosenthal Recently some Harris County District Attorney inner office emails have been released in the media. I understand that I have said some things that have caused pain and […]