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  • One Thing I Learned Today

    In 2007, when Pennsylvania decided to prosecute William Barnes 40 years after the fact for the murder of William Barclay, after Barnes had already served a prison sentence for the attempted murder of Barclay, I asked (Gideon reminds me now), "How does a conviction for attempted murder not jeopardy-bar a prosecution for murder when the […]

  • From the Houston Criminal Law News

    A team of federal inspectors is checking out the Harris County Jail. Harbingers of adult supervision for the Harris County Criminal Justice System? Widow charged 23 years after her husband’s murder. She claimed at the time that an intruder had entered the house, tortured her, and shot him with her pistol. The dead guy’s daughter […]

  • The Joe Horn Law

    Gideon makes his objections to the Texas defense of property law on which Joe Horn based his defense known here. He pares down Texas’s defense-of-property-of-others law: A person can use deadly force (as in this case) if he believes it is immediately necessary to terminate the trespass/burglary/robbery AND the property being taken cannot be recovered […]

  • Not Right, But Not a Crime

    Young Matt Skillern over at the new Greater Houston Criminal Defense Law Blog (another LexBlog product; not everyone can roll his own blawg. I’ve added it to the blawgroll nevertheless) writes about the no-bill of Joe Horn for the shotgunning of two burglars (illegal immigrants from Colombia) after they left his neighbor’s house: What do […]

  • Texas Murder Sentences: Probation to Death

    There has been some ado in the blawgosphere lately about the fact that Texas juries could convict people of murder, and then give them probation. (It’s not the law anymore — for murders after September 1, 2007, probation will not be an option for the jury.) Furriners (anyone unfamiliar with Texas culture, including reporters from […]