Category: nutjob theories

  • A Sound Basis

    A couple of months ago I mentioned Texas rep Leo Berman’s attack on theocracy. Now it turns out  that the voices in his head inspired him. (Nobody is surprised.)

  • Meet Your Next Jury Panel

    Jeff Gamso writes about birthers, (political) teabaggers, truthers, Flat-Earthers, alien abductees, and other unshakeable believers in alternate realities (21% of New Jerseyites surveyed weren’t sure that Barack Obama is not the Anti-Christ). What set Jeff off is that Arlington, Tennessee Mayor Russell Wiseman is one of these nutjobs. What sets me off is that lots […]

  • The Credit Privacy Number (CPN) Scam

    There are lots of people willing to sell you “credit privacy numbers.” A credit privacy number (or “credit profile number”) is a nine-digit number that looks like a social security number. Those selling “credit privacy numbers” or “credit profile numbers” try to convince their customers that they can use their CPNs to “repair” or obtain […]