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  • J’accuse

    Momentum is building in Texas to reduce possession of less than a gram of cocaine from a state jail felony (six months to two years in state jail, day-for-day) to a class A misdemeanor (up to a year in county jail, with time off for good conduct); 16 of 22 Harris County felony court judges […]

  • Toxic Blog of the Day

    The fun and games at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office continues, with demotions following on the heels of firings. Quoth soon-to-be criminal-defense lawyer Murray Newman: [D.A.-elect Pat Lykos] will fire or demote anyone who dared to even look at another candidate during the D.A.’s race. She proved that over the past few days with […]

  • Also, Firings Will Continue Till Morale Improves

    Following the politically-motivated firing of several prosecutors perceived as dangerous to her regime, Harris County’s soon-to-be District Attorney Pat Lykos has taken further steps to improve morale in the Office. The bold steps taken were, to be honest, a surprise to me. I expected the measures to include the announcement of a barbecue, or maybe […]

  • Another Great Thing About Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    I am not subject to political hatchet jobs. (Watch the video. Then read Houston soon-to-be criminal-defense lawyer Murray Newman’s (F/K/A “AHCL”) posts on the firings here and here.)

  • Lykos Wins, in Case You Were Wondering

    Pat Lykos, clearly the less-qualified candidate for Harris County District Attorney, has beaten Kelly Siegler, the champion of the Office’s old guard, in the Republican primary. And so the Holmes-Rosenthal era ends: not with a bang but with a whimper. We defense lawyers have reached no consensus on whether this will improve our lives or […]

  • 70 “Predator” Probations

    I’m glad the Harris County DA’s race is almost over. Partisan politics and offices in the criminal justice really shouldn’t mix. In this election, both sides have tried to deceive the public. Over at the Elect Kelly Siegler Kelly Blog you can read about Pat Lykos’s deceptions; here’s one from Siegler’s campaign. Kelly Siegler’s campaign […]

  • Three Opinions

    Kelly Siegler is behind 4-1 in the informal poll I’ve conducted down at the courthouse this week of people whose continued employment doesn’t depend on Kelly Siegler’s election. • A former Harris County prosecutor (now a prosecutor elsewhere) who served in Judge Lykos’s court would vote for Pat Lykos over Kelly Siegler, whom he describes […]

  • Lykos Busted

    Over at Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, my evil twin has caught DA candidate (and former judge) Patricia Lykos in a lie. Not just a lie, but a whopper — Lykos publicly claimed (in the KHOU Debate) not to have sought the campaign support of police organizations, less than six weeks after […]

  • Three Republican DA Candidates

    Here are the Reasonable Doubt episodes featuring three of the four Republican DA candidates: Kelly Siegler Pat Lykos Jim Leitner

  • The Wolf and the Yarmulke

    The Juish (as Kelly Siegler might say) witness whom DA candidate Pat Lykos ordered to remove his yarmulke writes in to AHCL’s blog.