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  • Trial Lawyers and Litigators

    AHCL keeps taking Pat Lykos to task for calling herself a “litigator” when she has, as far as anyone can tell, never actually tried a case of any sort, much less a criminal case. I think the fact that Lykos calls herself a “litigator” is the best evidence that she has, in fact, never tried […]

  • Fond Memories of Snookems

    Ron-in-Houston writes about “when he first realized Pat Lykos was insane”: Little did I realize that I was about to descend into the twilight zone. One day I get a call at the office from Her Honor Pat Lykos ordering me to come down to the criminal courthouse. No consideration to my schedule was given, […]

  • Lykos Reads the DA Playbook

    From AHCL, talking about Harris County Republican DA candidate Pat Lykos: At a recent political event, she refused to speak until after the representative of the Siegler campaign had gone first (even though that wasn’t the agreed upon order). Apparently, she didn’t want anyone to follow up after her speech and point out (yet again) […]

  • Chron is Clueless Again

    The Houston Chronicle editorial board has endorsed Pat Lykos for DA. The column endorsing her regurgitates her campaign soundbites — basically, she sold herself to them. There’s a lot of empty air in Lykos’s campaign promises. In fact, they are almost 100% empty air. But the Chronicle editorial board doesn’t understand the criminal “justice” system […]

  • It’s Tuesday, and Pat Lykos is Still Lame

    On the heels of Kelly Siegler’s realization that it was time for Chuck Rosenthal to resign (which itself followed only a month after Jim Leitner’s call for Chuck to resign), DA candidate Pat Lykos has discovered that it’s time for a change at the DA’s office. Now, if you’re running on Kelly’s “let the entrenched […]

  • Morons.

    Kelly Siegler, playing catch-up to Jim Leitner, has called for her boss’s, Chuck Rosenthal’s resignation. Better a month late than never, I always say. But Jim and Kelly are not the subjects of this post. The subjects of this post, referenced in the title, are DA candidates Doug Perry and Pat Lykos, who “said they […]

  • Meet Pat Lykos

    I’m not the biggest fan (y’all might have detected this) of the idea of Kelly Siegler as Harris County D.A. It’s time for a change at the DA’s office, and unless Kelly starts telling us how she would institute real change at the Office, I’ll be dubious about whether she will bring real change. But […]

  • Why Chuck Won’t Leave

    Hypothetical question: If Chuck Rosenthal resigns, who is in charge of the DA’s office? Answer: First Assistant Bert Graham. For how long? Until governor Rick Perry appoints a new DA. Well, who does he appoint? Maybe Pat Lykos. So? So whoever Perry appoints goes into the primary with an advantage. Again: so? So the general […]