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  • Today Only?

    In the markets of South and Southeast Asia, where I learned to haggle, one of the gambits used by vendors is to claim that the offered price has to be accepted right now: “for you, today only, fifteen Rupees!” They never mean it. Turn and walk away, and the price goes down. Leave and come […]

  • Padilla v. Kentucky

    Immigration law can be complex, and it is a legal specialty of its own. Some members of the bar who represent clients facing criminal charges, in either state or federal court or both, may not be well versed in it.  There will, therefore, undoubtedly be numerous situations in which the deportation consequences of a particular […]

  • Another Brilliant Idea from Lykos and Company

    I was relaxing on the front porch of Bennett Manor with a glass of good single-malt when the telephone rang. It was my private line — the number I don’t give out to anybody. Caller ID showed an unfamiliar overseas area code. I answered it. -Hello? Pssst. Mark. -Mr. X? Where are you calling from?I’m […]

  • Williamson County Discovery

    In response to this post, in which I talked about Williamson County, Texas’s criminal discovery policy, WilCo DA John Bradley emailed me: In Williamson County, a defense lawyer receives full and complete discovery, including access to offense reports, before any trial. Mr. Hampton’s commentary is not accurate. Our discovery is more limited if there is […]

  • In Support of the Nudge

    New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield and I usually agree on things, and he’s a lot older and somewhat wiser than me (though still spry), so when he seems to disagree with me I take a careful look to see if maybe I’m wrong. The client charged with a crime has three (in Texas, four) […]

  • This Is What They Teach at Georgetown?

    Austin criminal-defense lawyer Dax Garvin laments in a comment to my Advice to a Young Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer post, “I just wish more cases would go to trial… it seems most clients justdon’t want to take the risk, and I fully understand and respect that.” Miami criminal-defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum, fresh out of a […]

  • The Best Free Show in Town

    If you find yourself downtown between 9:30 and noon on a weekday morning, drop by Judge Larry Standley’s court, Harris County Criminal Court at Law Number 6, on the 9th floor of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center at 1201 Franklin Street (at the corner of San Jacinto). Judge Standley genuinely cares about the defendants […]