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  • HPD Officers Suspended

    Here’s a list (compiled by Houston criminal-defense lawyer—and hero of the revolution—Robb Fickman) of the Houston Police Department officers suspended in the last two weeks: Chinese Consulate: Officer Timothy Riley Jr. (Central Patrol Division) Officer Quang Tran (Central Patrol Division) Officer Victor Olivares (Central Patrol Division) Chad Holley Arrest: Sgt. John McClellan (Westside Gang Unit) […]

  • Keep the NPMSRP Alive!

    The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project . . . devoted to solving [the lack of information about police misconduct] by gathering information about reported incidents of police misconduct across the US, analyzing and compiling statistics based from several sources, and then publishing the results of all this information in a reader-friendly way in […]

  • Meet Your Overlords

    A DUI checkpoint in California (audio, H/T Troy McKinney). A DUI stop in Texas (video from Dallas Morning News). Phoenix police raid the home of a blogger who has been critical of the department (Photography is Not a Crime, via Simple Justice). The Harris County DA’s Office answers the age-old question, “what does it take […]

  • Notes From DEA Law of Deadly Force Class

    A public-spirited reader sent me his notes from the portion of DEA training dealing with the use of deadly force. He tells me that the students would be given certain fact patterns and told to stand up in class and respond with the exact phrases described in the notes to justify a shooting. LAW OF […]

  • Everyday Incidents

    Not all cops lie. But if perjury is committed at the criminal courthouse, it’s likely committed by someone with a badge and a gun — that is, a law enforcement officer. There’s even a term of art for it among the law enforcement community: “testilying”. I see three reasons for this. First, statistically, cops testify […]

  • Tell Me Again Who the Victim of this Particular Crime Is?

    Beaumont, Texas police officer fired after an assistant chief finds out that, in the course of investigating of prostitution ring, the officer received oral sex a half-dozen or so times (and maybe “one ‘active coitus’”, according to his lawyer) with the approval of his supervisor and his wife. In Texas, “I’m a police officer” is […]

  • Bad Cop! No Donut!

    Johnson County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Deputy Starling McCloud (on the left, in the khaki uniform and the gay-leather-bar moustache) thinks that it’s a crime for a citizen to take a photograph of a police officer. (This photograph was taken by the arrestee’s 12-year-old daughter after he tossed the offending iPhone to her.) (H/T Missouri Criminal Defense […]

  • Officers, You’re Doing a Heck of a Job.

    The [edit: Minneapolis,] Minnesota Police Department has given medals to eight officers who participated in the botched raid last December of a family home. They were at the wrong house; the homeowner, there with his wife and six kids and thinking he was being robbed, shot at them, and the police shot back. Minneapolis police […]