Category: political philosophy

  • The Science of SWRVs

    I’ve mentioned Scared White Republican Voters a few times here. The idea is that Republican politicians play on fear to get people to comply with their plans in a way that politicians of other parties do not. I didn’t mean to say that all, or even most, Republicans are scared, but it turns out that […]

  • Prosecutors Help People, But How Often?

    Baby criminal-defense lawyer Murray Newman writes: The thing I loved the most about being a prosecutor was helping victims of crime. There was a profound feeling of doing something important when meeting with the victim’s family on a murder case, or the surviving members of an aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or assault and telling them […]

  • Why We Must Keep the Church Out of Government

    In my first Blog Against Theocracy 2008 post I discussed why little-r-religion — people’s religious beliefs, as opposed to big-R-Religion (the Church) — is inevitably a part of criminal justice policy. Most churches have something to recommend them: they provide guidelines for how humans should behave in relation to each other. Don’t murder, don’t steal, […]