Category: political roadkill

  • Harris County District Clerk Candidate Chris “Lightweight” Daniel

    A sweep by either party in Harris County’s 2010 elections will be disastrous. The people of Harris County can no more afford to lose Vanessa Velasquez (Republican incumbent for the 183rd District Court), or Mike McSpadden (Republican incumbent for the 209th District Court), or Larry Standley (Republican incumbent for County Criminal Court at Law Number […]

  • Sharon Keller’s Been a Bad, Bad Girl

    The Dallas Morning News reports that Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller, who recently whined about not getting Chip Babcock appointed to represent her in the Commission for Judicial Conduct’s suit against her, “failed to abide by legal requirements that she disclose nearly $2 million in real estate holdings” in a sworn […]

  • Done

    I’m declaring Chuck Rosenthal “done”. Sure, he can hold on to his office and his salary for a while. But the Texas Attorney General has opened an investigation into Chuck’s alleged misuse of county property, and that sort of thing is seldom good for one’s career in public service. At some point soon he’s going […]