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  • Such an Alpha, He Even Piddles Himself Dominantly

    “Trump ‘won’ Putin handshake: body-language expert.” Erm. No. Submissive dogs reveal their throats. Humans show their palms. . . . . The opposite of the dominant handshake is to offer your hand with the palm facing downwards … symbolically giving the other person the upper hand, like a dog exposing its throat to a superior […]

  • 2010 Judicial Endorsements

    Most of this year’s Harris County judicial elections are worthy of little more than a shrug. I had a sorely disillusioning experience trying a case for almost two weeks before former criminal-defense lawyer Ruben Guerrero, who a) is sorely deficient in judicial temperament and knowledge; b) even the jurors could tell was biased toward the […]

  • “Years of Trial Experience”

    Divorce lawyer John Clinton, running for criminal court judge, seems to be saying that when he was a Houston police officer he “amassed years of trial experience.” [quicktime][/quicktime] (Full video here.) This could be true only in the sense in which a career criminal has amassed years of policing experience. Maybe Clinton spoke awkwardly, and […]

  • Judge Susan Brown: Praise the Lord and Bring Your Toothbrush [Updated]

    Last week Houston judge Susan Brown jailed a woman for thanking God for her husband’s acquittal (Rick Casey, Chronicle). “It wasn’t an angry thing,” she said of the wife’s outburst. “Every black preacher teaches us to thank the Lord.” Um, okay, that justifies 36 hours in jail? [Update: According to criminal-defense lawyer Vivian King, who […]

  • John Coby Writes Blog Post With Words “Gay Nigger”

    Someone using John Coby’s email address and a link to his blog tried to leave the following comment to this post: Your article is a bit too long for a blog entry. I couldnt finish it. I emailed Coby to ask if it was actually him leaving this moronic comment. He did not respond. Judging, […]

  • Go Go Godzilla

    I had a conversation recently with a woman who had accused her husband of hitting her. I was explaining her position in the criminal case: “You won’t have a lawyer, since you’re not a party. You’re a witness.” “I’m not a witness,” she replied indignantly, “I’m a victim.” This is, I’m afraid, the spirit of […]

  • Injustice Through Ignorance

    Texas Governor Rick “Goodhair” Perry says that Cameron Todd Willingham is a “monster” and a “bad man” who murdered his children (Houston Chronicle). He is convinced that Willingham was guilty of his crime. That’s good enough for me. If the Governor of Texas says someone is a monster, then dadgummit he’s a monster. Why is […]

  • Justice vs. The Law

    Defending People reader “Ryan”, writing at Plain Error, the official blog of the Innocence Project of Florida, responds to my “Law and Justice Explained.” post: As someone with the status just above armchair philosopher (disclosure: I will be attending graduate school for a PhD in philosophy in the fall), I have a few words on […]

  • HCDP Judicial Candidates: Who Are These People?

    The Harris County Democratic Party has announced its slate of candidates for criminal courts for the 2010 elections. First the District Court (felony) benches: Darrell Jordan, opposing Debbie Mantooth-Stricklin (whose husband Don lost to Herb Ritchie last year) for the 180th District Court, is a lawyer with three years of experience in a general practice. […]

  • ICE: Policy’s Effect on Immigration Would Be Minimal

    From Brian Rogers’s and James Pinkerton’s article in tomorrow’s Chronicle about the DA’s new immigration plea policy: “We think the impact would be minimal, and we should be able to handle that difference,” said Kenneth Landgrebe, who heads ICE detention and removal operations. If the impact (!) on ICE detention and removal operations would be […]