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  • I Wouldn’t Hire Your Kine.

    There’s an interesting online discussion between late-Gen-X Adrian Dayton and Boomer Scott Greenfield. Adrian, in Get Out of My Face, says, “Generation Y wants their life to mean something. They want to handle work that is significant, and they certainly don’t want to crank out the billable hours reviewing non-urgent documents on a Saturday afternoon […]

  • New Rule: No Links to Blatant Marketing Blogs

    Websites are for marketing. Blawgs are for communicating. A blog post that includes a call to action (“If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, ask any prospective attorney what kind of experience they have dealing with domestic assault cases. The failure to do so could be very costly.” or “If you’ve been charged with driving […]

  • Another Opportunity to Vote for Grits or Simple Justice

    Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice has been named one of the top legal blogs in America by the ABA Journal. The ABA Journal is conducting a vote for the best blog in each of nine categories; Simple Justice’s category, Crime, has four other blogs. Scott Henson’s Grits for Breakfast is also named. Please take a moment […]

  • Three Guys in Desperate Need of Razors

    Houston DUI defense lawyer and blogger Paul B. Kennedy and Myrtle Beach criminal-defense lawyer and blogger Bobby Frederick at lunch today at Goode Co. BBQ in Houston. Paul blogs about some of the discussion here.

  • Next Week is “Get to Know a Fellow Blogger” Week

    A few blawgers I have met so far, in person or at least telephonically: Bryan, Texas criminal-defense lawyer Stephen Gustitis New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield Austin criminal-defense lawyer Jamie Spencer Houston criminal-defense lawyer Paul B. Kennedy Texas country trial lawyer Paul J. Smith Maryland criminal-defense lawyer Jon Katz Miami criminal-defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum Harris […]

  • New Contributor to the Practical Blawgosphere

    ECILCrime, by Illinois criminal-defense lawyer Jeremy Richey. I’ve added it to the blogroll. Jeremy is a concise writer, and posts regularly.ECILCrime reads like it’s written mostly for clients and potential clients; maybe Jeremy hasn’t yet learned the Secret of the Blawgosphere. Give him time.

  • First Blog from TLC

    It turns out that Gerry Spence was not the first blogger to blog from the Trial Lawyers College on his ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. Idaho criminal-defense lawyer Chuck Peterson has that distinction (with another LexBlog blog); he wrote on July 15th that TLC Will Change Your Life. Please welcome Chuck to the practical blawgosphere.Now c’mon […]

  • Untitled 8

    John Wesley Hall brings to our attention a new article: Fred Zacharias, Fitting Lying to the Court into the Central Moral Tradition of Lawyering, 58 Case West. L. Rev. ___ (2008). Professor Zacharias focuses on what he calls Professor Monroe H. Freedman’s “most interesting illustration” of circumstances in which zealous representation might “require a lawyer […]

  • Blog or Government Propaganda Tool?

    Is it just me, or should a blawg contain some original content? I’d added David Finn’s Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer “blog” to my reader because I defend federal criminal cases in Dallas and because I’ve heard of David (and am acquainted with his partner, George Milner III). It’d been on my list for a […]

  • Mean Girls in the Blawgosphere!

    I wrote recently about “Mean Girls” in the courtroom — lawyers (in my example, older female prosecutors, but Mean Girls can be any age or gender). Now we have Mean Girls in the practical blawgosphere (would it be uncharitable for me to suggest that AHCL accidentally brought the Harris County DA’s Mean Girls with him […]