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  • Business Plan: Never Lose

    Back in March (sometimes posts percolate for a few months before bubbling to the surface) Norm Pattis wrote something about about Gerry Spence that caught my attention. I recall years ago his complaining that he could not get into court. His cases kept settling. I offered him a chance to come on board in a […]

  • To An Anonymous Document Review

    It’s not that he loves his job: I could have been a contender instead of what I am, a document review attorney. (Twitter.) Nor that he enjoys it: What’s new in the contract attorney world? I hope you guys/ladies having a better time of it than me. (Twitter.) It’s not just that it’s fulfilling: The […]

  • On Triage and Semantics

    [This fragment has been hanging around for weeks in ScribeFire. It has nothing to do with Norm Pattis’s Triage post, except that the title of Norm’s post reminded me of this one. It has much to do with “I need a lawyer just to. . .” and this comment on magic words.] Quoth Greenfield: [Lawyers] […]

  • “I need a lawyer just to . . .”

    “I’m looking for a lawyer just to . . .” This is a bad-news call. “Just to” has one of three implications, none of which involve situations that you want to get into. Get off the phone as quickly as you can. First, “just to” can mean “for only the following activities, which are a […]

  • The Club

    Gerry Spence spoke today at the end of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s annual Rusty Duncan Seminar. I could see why they put Gerry last—if he spoke first, most of the lawyers talking about lawyer stuff would seem largely irrelevant or quaintly unself-aware. One speaker, for example, advocated telling jurors who gave “good” answers […]

  • I Wouldn’t Hire Your Kine.

    There’s an interesting online discussion between late-Gen-X Adrian Dayton and Boomer Scott Greenfield. Adrian, in Get Out of My Face, says, “Generation Y wants their life to mean something. They want to handle work that is significant, and they certainly don’t want to crank out the billable hours reviewing non-urgent documents on a Saturday afternoon […]

  • Memo to Future Lawyers

    Don’t go to Marquette Law School. According to David Papke, law professor at Marquette Law School, We don’t want law school to be lawyer-training school. When we cave in to demands of that sort from the ABA and assorted study commissions, we actually invite alienation among law students and lawyers. Legal education should appreciate the […]