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  • Three Questions for Kerrville Lawyer Guy James Gray

    This is going to remind many of you of David Martin’s conduct in the Cameron Willingham case, but this isn’t normal for Texas criminal-defense lawyers. Really. I promise. After Matt Baker got sentenced to 65 years in prison for the murder of his wife: Baker’s Kerrville-based attorneys, Guy James Gray and Harold Danford, said they […]

  • The Mississippi of the West

    Via Simple Justice, this video of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Stoddard raiding the file of a criminal-defense lawyer while her back is turned: Notice the pathetic weak passive behavior of Judge Lisa Flores.

  • WE Live Sheltered Lives

    I’ve taken some criticism for my belief that Harris County Prosecutors (and judges) are typically deficient in the real-world experience that leads to perspective and empathy. Quoth AHCL: But as to Mark’s argument about “real world experience” outside of the prosecutor’s office being a bonus to being a criminal District Court Judge, I do actually […]

  • Proposed Change to Rule of Privilege in Texas Criminal Cases

    I wrote last year about the interplay of Texas Disciplinary Rule of Professional Conduct 1.05 and Texas Rule of Evidence 503, and their surprising cumulative effect on the attorney-client and work-product privileges in Texas. Now the Court of Criminal Appeals proposes amending Rule 503 to remove the “special rule of privilege in criminal cases”: (2) […]