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  • More Public Information from HCSO

    The Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to my email request for “all documents related to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s email retention policy, including emails and other correspondence discussing the policy and changes to the policy [for the time period from January 9, 2008, through January 18, 2008].” Here are the 24 pages of email […]

  • Expert Needed

    The Harris County District Judges are trying to avoid answering my Rule 12 open-records request. I need an expert on Microsoft Exchange Server. Specifically, I need someone to tell me (a) how difficult it would be to restore the server contents as of a specific date and search for emails from 22 individual mailboxes; (b) […]

  • Harris County Sheriff’s Email Retention Policy

    Here, for the open records fans, are the Harris County Sheriff’s recent email retention policy change memo and a flowchart showing how HCSO emails are handled.

  • Judiciary Public Information

    In Open Records 102- Attorney General Edition Robert Guest republishes a FAQ from the Texas Attorney General about the Texas Public Information Act. The AG notes, correctly that “records of the judiciary do not fall under the Public Information Act.” For Open Records Week last week I sent public information requests to all of Harris […]

  • Celebrate Open Records Week!

    Robert Guest writes about the Dallas Police Department’s response to his Texas Public Information Act request about incidents in which the DPD has entered the wrong house while serving a warrant since 2002. Danny Williams, a Lieutenant with the city’s “Homeland Security and Special Operations Division”, responded that there had been two such incidents, both […]